Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Light The Shade

A name for your blog is like a journey in itself.. it is a search for the exact combination of a few words which will provide an executive summary, a conveyed emotion and witty inspiration for the many passages and tales that you will reveal. To me it can be compared to the cover of a book. Do you judge it? I will not be ashamed to say that I do.

In the heart of a bookstore, the light dimmed by the towers around you, millions of words are woven around where you stand, they tangle and travel, they jump and spin, they call and shout, but their meaning and tales are all contained, restrained by their cover. In this spot however why do you reach out for the 8th rigid spine on the third shelf? It is a message contained in graphic, colour, font and again a word combination strong enough to lure us with its promise to flip it and digest its carefully selected messages on the back. And then you arrive at the decision, replace it on its shelf, thumb some pages in an effort to make a more informed judgement or get it.

I love book shops and books, they are places of make believe, millions of worlds live between their walls and protective covers.

So with the need to provide the same theory to this blog which will review the lines of text my co-author and I devour, I needed to insert some time and thought into its name, not to mention battle with the dreaded word 'availablity' in choosing something that would not only represent our discussions but also reflect our personalities, and as dawn approaches and the morning moves from its third hour into its fourth, I selected 'Light the Shade'. It beautiful song that I adore by Xavier Rudd with the following words:

When you're feeling lonely
And you heart is hungry
I'll light the shade
When the moon escapes you
And the sun denies you
I'll light the shade

Books light my shade..

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