Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Animal's People - Indra Sinha

Rach's Review:
Read: 12 October 2007

I felt so full after finishing this book. It is a gritty, beautiful and real story about a person, the people in his life, and in a way his personal self realization and, in his own eyes only maybe, redemption. There are major political events and tensions, but the story is not about these, to me anyway, but they are context to his personal journey. He narrates the story so it is through his eyes, however how he cares for others and how they care for him comes through strongly, slowly at first and then building, even though he does not know this himself. The way the book finishes, with a fever dream flavour, almost a rite of passage ritual full of visions (or were they) is so intense, such a ride. I cried, I dreamt of it the night after I finished it, and my mind is still full now – and I don’t want to make room for anything else.

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